Capital Public Radio

Why I underwrite CapRadio (Sacramento’s NPR station).

The first time I became aware of CapRadio was when I started dating my wife. I would go to her house and it would be playing in the living room. I had never heard NPR since there was not a dedicated radio station in the town I grew up in. I started listening in the car during my commute from Sacramento to Beale Air Force Base and it made the drive enjoyable. Soon I was listening to it on the weekends as well.

In college I started listening during the day and discovered all the great programming during work hours. Its educational value made me a more informed student and citizen. In graduate school I stayed at home with my baby daughter and listened to CapRadio most of the day. Its programs gave me the needed “adult conversations” that so many parents of infants yearn for.

Over the years CapRadio has provided such an immense public service to the community in the Sacramento region. Their programs are intelligent, insightful, compelling, and emotional. They inform without being bombarding and entertain without being shallow. To me they epitomize and exemplify quality journalism, which is more important than ever.

I have donated small amounts over the years, always with the goal of contributing more as I advanced and “made it” in my career. I’m proud to now be an underwriter. It’s a way to give back to CapRadio for all it’s given to me and the community over the years.

If you’ve found my website through CapRadio, know that you’re reading the words of a fellow listener. Chances are you’re exactly the type of person I’d love to work with.